Machine Learning, Dynamical Systems and Control

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Data-Driven Methods for Science and Engineering Seminar

University of Washington, Seattle

Organizers: Joe Bakarji, Jason Bramburger, Henning Lange & Jordan Snyder
Faculty Organizers: Steven L. Brunton, J. Nathan Kutz & Krithika Manohar


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Prof. Cecilia Clementi
FU Berlin
December 11, 2020


Title: Designing molecular models by machine learning and experimental data



Upcoming Talks and Schedule


January 8, 2020: Andrea Bertozzi, UCLA

January 22, 2020: Zico Kolter, Carnegie Mellon University

February 5, 2020: Tamara Kolda, Sandia National Laboratories


Previous Talks


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Prof. David Duvenaud
Vector Institute, University of Toronto
November 13, 2020


Title: Handling messy time series with large latent-variable models



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Prof. Jeff Moehlis
Mechanical Engineering, UC Santa Barbara
October 30, 2020


Title: Learning to control population of neurons



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Prof. Michael Mahoney
Statistics, Berkeley
October 16, 2020 [ VIEW ]


Title: Dynamical systems and machine learning: combining in a principled way data-driven models and domain-driven models



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Prof. George Em Karniadakis
Applied Mathematics, Brown University
October 2, 2020 [ VIEW ]


Title: From PINNs to DeepOnets: Approximating functions, functionals, and operators using deep neural networks for diverse applications